Daniel Iseghem en Carlos Sandoval

Since the Dutch drinking coffee culture is known as one of the biggest in the world, we want to offer a whole new coffee drinking experience to Holland giving them a new coffee taste which is currently unknown for many.

Daniel Iseghem en Carlos Sandoval
Functie:Ondernemers BanDeto

As an start up, BanDeto focuses on importing exotic products from Honduras to The Netherlands. Honduras is a country which produces and exports high quality coffee, fruits and tobacco among other things. The first project is the introduction of 100% arabica coffee.

Coffee exports from Honduras are of top quality and the country is placed second main exporter of coffee in the area of Central America. European countries like Germany and Belgium are the main Honduran coffee importers summing up to a 76% of all honduran coffee exports. Honduran coffee beans have been well known for their quality and unfortunately it has not yet been recognized as a single-origin coffee. It is more often used as commercial coffee which is usually blended by big roasting companies and therefore the real Honduran quality is mixed with other coffees. Our aim is to focus on offering 100% authentic Honduran coffee flavour and taste in the Dutch market. The quality of the coffee is determined by the soil in which the plant is grown, amount of sun, drying processes and roasting. All of these factors have a positive influence and at the same time resembles the quality of the coffee. In addition, the working conditions of the farmers are supported rather than exploited.

The introduction of Honduran coffee will be used as a gateway to enter the Dutch market in the future with other exotic produce.