Robin Balser

“Technology is at its best when it empowers and simplifies peoples daily lives” (Rachel Botsman – Collaborative Consumption). This quote inspires us to constantly take the users perspective to create true user value by empowering them to get in contact with other fashion enthusiasts via our app.

Robin Balser
Hogeschool:Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Functie:Bedenker Darpdecade

For past decades a so called ’throwaway culture’, has led to clothing being produced under environmentally disastrous mass production – schemes. Buying in clothing stores like Primark, H&M, Zara (and many others) has led to clothing being thought of more like wrapping paper and less like reusable functional art.

However, times are changing and we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. There is a change on the way clothing items are valued. The current ‘Zeitgeist’ is all about Swapping and Sharing. This change is driven by people in the creative industries that are driving a change which at its core has the Collaborative Consumption (Sharing and Swapping) element at its periphery wearing second-hand and especially vintage clothes.

Darpdecade ( ) is convinced that this trend will be one of the tilting points to be kind to the earth and to be fashionable at the same time. ‘Swapped, Shared- clothes’ from ‘darp’ decades will be thought of more as a reusable functional art and therefore will have a much higher personal value.

Darpdecade founding story is based on ‘swap- experience’ made, where I swapped a one of a kind jacket for a Gin Tonic on a vintage market in Tallinn (Estonia). After all, that social interaction “the swap” created a story which inspires us to work on Darpdecade, as we believe that those social interactions give you much more than the usual purchase in a store can.

Swapping is all about coming to an event with inspiring ‘darp’ items and swap (exchange) these with other items you have fallen in love with. Swapping is the creation of clothing stories by giving worn clothing to strangers in return for NEW THINGS! It’s a way to re-mix your style and infuse some freshness and by that creating never ending possibilities of self-expression.

The Darpdecade App. is a platform for sharing and swapping clothes locally. Our vision is to create a community where sharing and swapping clothes items is a daily social interaction, which is inspired by the millions of stories we can tell from our sharing and swapping experience.

Create a change in your closet and have an impact on the world – start swapping! Share, create and inspire your own clothing life cycle. Please help us spread the word: For updates and news follow our blog. Want to know more? Find it here:

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(UPDATE 03-2020: DarpDecade is inmiddels veranderd in VinoKilo. Vintage kleding verkocht per kilo.)